Do Not Make These Mistakes When Heating Your Home

As proud Canadian residents, Everton Ridge Homes is familiar with snowy, icy weather. While we love a good snow day, it does cause a high spike in the heating bill. Every homeowner knows the feeling of getting a high energy bill. We have compiled a list to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that can put a dent in your wallet when it comes to heating your home. Here it is:

Setting the thermostat too high

A common myth that homeowners believe is that setting the thermostat warmer than they want it to be in the house will cause their home to heat faster. This is not the case. What often happens is that the homeowner will forget that they set it so high, and the system will work overtime heating the house. Set it to the exact temperate you want it to be.

Ignoring drafts

While they might seem like a small issue, drafts can make your home far less efficient when it comes to heating and cooling. Drafty doors and windows cause heat to leak out, signaling to your system that it is time to turn on again. Seal those drafty areas up with some cheap insulation.

Not changing the air filter

You need to consistently change the air filter in your furnace. A fresh air filter helps your system run the way it was intended to; a dirty filter forces your system to work extra hard. Set a reminder in your phone to change the filter on a regular schedule.

Heating an empty house

Installing a programmable thermostat is one of the easiest ways to avoid heating your home when you are not around. Set the temperatures and times to auto-regulate; that way there is less of a chance of you wasting energy. For instance, set the thermostat to not run as high while at work and to raise to your desired temperature right before you get home.

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By Everton Ridge Homes | 12-21-2020