Garage Door Security Tips

At Everton Ridge, we choose which communities to build in based on a range of factors. Natural beauty, convenience, and safety are all considerations we consider. Even though we aim to create communities that you and your family can feel safe in, the ugly truth is that not all crime can be prevented. That is why we wanted to share with you a few things you can try to implement to protect yourself and your assets. Specifically, we want to discuss ways you can increase the security around your garage.

Obstruct the View

Many garages have windows. These offer an excellent source of natural light, which is great especially if you use part of your garage as a workshop. The potential downside to these windows is that they can allow criminals to see into your garage. Many people keep valuable things in their garages, or they will keep boxes of valuable things in the garage. This makes it easy for a burglar to see what goods they can score, or they can even just use the windows to check if someone is home based on the presence of cars. To combat this, you can easily install frosted window film onto the glass to prevent unwanted stares.

Keep the Garage Door Locked

A garage will often have a door that will lead directly into the home. Some people feel comfortable with the garage simply being closed and will leave this door unlocked. Although this can make it easier for family members to get inside the house, this practice can pose a danger if ever your garage is ever compromised. For this reason, it is a good idea to make a habit of locking the door leading into your house.

Do not Leave the Garage Opener Behind

It can be easy to forget to grab important things like your phone or garage door opener when you are in a rush to leave the house. To make sure you always have the garage door opener on hand, many people will place it on the visor of their car or in the glove box. The problem with this is that criminals are wise to this practice and know to search these places for your opener. Once they have access to it, they can easily gain access to your house. Because of this, it may be wise to simply carry the opener with you, either in your pocket or bag.

Using these tips, you can be better protected against criminal advances. For more helpful homeowner resources, be sure to check our blog page often!

By Everton Ridge Homes | 2-18-2021