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5 Things To Consider When Building A Home In Vernon

If you are considering building a home in Vernon, B.C., and you don’t know where to begin, Everton Ridge Homes has a few suggestions. Here are five things you should consider when building a home in Vernon. Location, Location, Location Naturally, location is a key consideration in building a home. In Vernon, you will find…
Mother and daughter jumping in living room

Fitness from Home, Tips for Success

Make It Fun Since you likely will not have as much equipment at home as you would find in a gym you might find yourself getting bored with the same routines. Mix it up by searching the internet or fitness magazines for some new exercises. Find videos you could work along with. Don’t forget to…
Mother and daughter cooking together in kitchen

Different Bakewear Materials and When to Use Them

At Everton Ridge, we aim to build homes with exceptional livability. We design kitchens with quality materials and layouts that are important to families so that you want to spend time in them. If you are inspired to take advantage of all the beautiful features in your new kitchen, baking is a great place to start! When stocking…
Coconut cracked open with a spoonful of coconut oil

Practical Household Uses for Coconut Oil

By now, we have all heard the internet rave about its love of coconut oil as a healthy oil to cook with and an amazing natural beauty product that can deeply hydrate the hair, skin, and nails. However, coconut oil also has a wide array of practical household uses. Here's how to incorporate coconut oil…
Garage key fob being pressed

Garage Door Security Tips

At Everton Ridge, we choose which communities to build in based on a range of factors. Natural beauty, convenience, and safety are all considerations we consider. Even though we aim to create communities that you and your family can feel safe in, the ugly truth is that not all crime can be prevented. That is why…
Dusting an overhead fan

Monthly Cleaning Chores That Keep Your Home Pristine

At Everton Ridge, we are proud to build homes that those in our community can create lives in. And if you are someone who needs to balance a busy work schedule, family time, and time for yourself, throwing cleaning on top of that can be a lot. But it does not have to be! If you create…
Living room with a fireplace and coffee table

Do Not Make These Mistakes When Heating Your Home

As proud Canadian residents, Everton Ridge Homes is familiar with snowy, icy weather. While we love a good snow day, it does cause a high spike in the heating bill. Every homeowner knows the feeling of getting a high energy bill. We have compiled a list to help you avoid some of the common mistakes that…
Ice melt on the ground

What to Know About Ice Melt

At Everton Ridge, we are proud to build homes in communities that showcase the beauty of every single season. Stunning lakes, mountains, and trees perform beautifully as they offer something new with each passing month. Of course, the Canadian winter does present a unique set of challenges. One being snowy and icy conditions. To help you keep…