SAFERhome Standards

Everton Ridge Homes is proud to be the first new home builder in the Okanagan Valley to be recognized by the SAFERHome Standards Society as a certified builder member. This program was adopted by Everton Ridge Homes recognizing that value added, quality components enhance the well-being and long term comfort for our valued homeowners. Be sure to investigate this option with our professional team when considering your design and lifestyle needs.

A SAFERhome is the heart and building block of sustainable communities. To attain a sustainable community, the homes in that community must be designed to be both safe and sustainable.

SAFERhome provides the only certification program in Canada that addresses the issues of human sustainability and the application of universal design. A SAFERhome provides a Trademarked and measurable benchmark for all housing. More and more industries and governments are turning to the SAFERhome Standards to provide clarity in the promotion of safer and sustainable home building practices.

A SAFERhome certified home is ergonomically safer and electronically pre-prepared, a home that anticipates the needs of the owners through the application of universal design. People can age-in-place and live healthier lives.

The SAFERhome Standards is a design overlay for homes that brings flexibility, safety, and cost savings. Features include wider doorways and hallways so that people and things of all sizes can easily come through, wider stairways with less pronounced nosing on the front edge to prevent tripping and falling hazards, and aligned closets that can easily and inexpensively be changed into a personal elevator and back again. SAFERhome certification is contingent upon the fulfillment of all 15 basic standards.