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We would be more than pleased to sit down and simply listen as you discuss your ideas with us. Building a new home is a commitment and early decisions are big decisions. We’d be happy to guide you through the preliminary steps as you decide on whether to build, what to build, or where to build.

We would welcome the opportunity to ‘show you the neighborhood’ at Turtle Mountain. Walking through available lots will give you a fresh perspective on the area. If you have a different building site in mind, we would be glad to take a look at it with you and discuss building options.

There is a process we follow at Everton Ridge Homes that is designed specifically around the customer and their “list”. Everyone has a list of priorities and needs in their new home and we understand that in our business it is the customer who decides value, not the builder.

Our buyer interview process is designed to identify the possibility of a fit between your expectations and our capabilities. The dedicated, exclusive Everton orientation meeting is a chance for us to hear from you, ask us questions about our capabilities and a chance for us to ask you questions about your expectations, how your lifestyle will change and what solutions you seek.

This is exclusive to the industry and no other builder in our market conducts the detailed orientation Everton does. There are three things that differentiates builders…people, process and performance. We recognize that “quality”, “product” and all the other fancy words are used too much in the industry and we will let you decide what quality means to you. There you have it…honesty. Product can be duplicated by others but people, performance and process is exclusive to us.

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