Different Bakewear Materials and When to Use Them

At Everton Ridge, we aim to build homes with exceptional livability. We design kitchens with quality materials and layouts that are important to families so that you want to spend time in them. If you are inspired to take advantage of all the beautiful features in your new kitchen, baking is a great place to start!

When stocking your baking cabinet with tools, you will quickly notice that there are generally three kinds of bakeware: glass, metal, and ceramic. Does it really matter which material you choose to work with? Are they interchangeable? Is one better for certain bakes than others? We will help you find the answers with this simple breakdown.


Metal is a material that heats evenly and quickly. It also cools off quickly. The quick heating element aids in achieving a proper rise is bakes like bread. It also works well at creating crispy and brown edges. The fact that it cools off readily also ensures that your baked good will cease cooking once it is removed from the oven. Therefore, metal is a great option when trying to get the perfect crispy, chewy cookie.


Glass bakeware does not heat quickly, but once it does heat up, it is able to provide and maintain a consistent temperature. Because of this, it is excellent for casseroles and lasagna type dishes. Glassware is also great for eyeballing the doneness of things like pies because you can see through the glass to judge.


Ceramic is a good medium between glass and metal in terms of heating ability. It can heat up at a moderate pace and can maintain the temperature well. It is also a tough material that can perform well when using different cooking methods. From things like microwaving, to slow cooking, to stewing. Roast chickens and hearty pies are just begging to be made in a ceramic dish. It is also a food safe option when it comes to storing food.

Ultimately, there is a time and place for every kind of bakeware. Having a selection of glass, metal, and ceramic on hand will mean that you are ready for whatever your heart desires. And knowing the best scenarios for each one will help you get the perfect crust, rise, and bite every time.

By Everton Ridge Homes | 5-24-2021